My name is Coop. I am a writer and currently studying English at Plymouth University. I live in Bournemouth and play in two bands: Alternate Function and Antler. Please check them out:

Alternate Function - pop-punk/rock

Antler - rock/punk/indie


Guidance for Good Citizens


1. People should never be too happy

If you come across anyone expressing happiness you should constantly question them and discreetly point out as many reasons as possible as to why they shouldn’t be happy. For example, are they fat? If so, point it out to them discreetly and imply that they’re…

Organized religion is horseshit. Spirituality — the spirituality that I’ve come to know and experience — has nothing to do with religion. Were it not for my relationship with a God of my experience I would be dead. Actually I did die. Now I’m this other guy with a pencil in one hand and a bullhorn in the other.

Dan Fante (via homoimbecillium)

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Follow me again. I've made yet ANOTHER blog. Gonna actually stick with this one this time though (bryony, by the way)

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